Make the Best Jerky You've Ever Tasted

How to make flavorful homemade jerky with
50 recipes chosen for their originality,
exotic flavor or historical value.

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Are you tired of ho-hum jerky recipes?
Do you need a long-term Solution to preserve your wild game meats?
Are you a novice ready to learn jerky-making? Or, an expert seeking the "next level"?

Whether you're new to jerky-making or an expert, there's something for everyone in Ultimate Jerky Guide. Step-by-step instructions show you how to create the best jerky you've ever tasted.

  • Turn Wild Game Meats into Gourmet Jerky
  • Season and Marinate and Meat to Perfection
  • Preserve your Premium Meats with Centuries-Old Jerky Secrets
  • Discover the Keys to Full-Flavored and Perfectly Seasoned Domestic or Wild Game Meats

The information in The Ultimate Jerky Guide is comprehensive, clear, practical and easy-to-apply. It’s written for the busiest home-maker and family chef to read and apply instantly.

"A must for the person making homemade jerky. Shows you how to make jerky from
any kind of meat; just follow the recipes and make your own seasoned jerky."

The Incredible Benefits of Homemade Jerky

If you’ve never tried it, you won’t believe how delicious homemade jerky can be. We only catch a hint of the real thing in mass produced products churned out by manufacturers. You’ll experience the purest taste when you produce your own homemade jerky.

There's nothing like tasty, chewy jerky for satisfying those hunger cravings.

  • Naturally low in fat
  • High in protein
  • Less expensive than pre-packaged jerky
  • Surprisingly simple to make
  • Superior taste to the packaged kind

Jerky remains the most popular choice where it can be the right snack or energy treat in a golfer’s bag, a woman’s purse, a hunter’s belt, a hiker’s backpack or an office desk drawer.

"My husband is an avid hunter and the step-by-step techniques I learned in this
book have helped me to get the most out of our game meat. The best part?
My boys love jerky as an after-school snack. No more junk food!”

What does The Ultimate Jerky Guide include?

The Ultimate Jerky Guide Bundle has everything you need to know in one place. Don’t waste your time searching the internet, only to find disappointing jerky cookbooks when the most comprehensive information is all right here in The Ultimate Jerky Guide Bundle. For less than dinner out or a box of 30-30 Ammo, your Ultimate Jerky Guide Bundle gives you:

1. Hard-bound Ultimate Jerky Guide Book with over 50 time-tested recipes.

2. Full color exclusive illustrated 16-page How-To Guide for making jerky.

  • Which cuts of meat to buy
  • How to prepare meats
  • Jerky drying methods - no need for a costly dehydrator!
  • How to store jerky
  • Key notes on food safety

   3. Specifics and guides for every imaginable type of jerky:
  • Venison
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Fruit and Veggies
  • and Even Tofu!

   4. Tips, tricks and techniques to make your Jerky experience easy, fun and worry-free.

   5. INSTANT download and access to the Ultimate Guide E-Book to get started right now

   6. Each recipe page includes a space for notes, so you can make modifications and comments for your specific tastes

   7. Peace of Mind. We guarantee your Jerky will come out right the first time

"If you want to buy one book about homemade jerky, this is the one. It made
me clearly understand the amgic of jerky making and now I can formulate
my own jerky because i know the science behind it. I recommend it highly."

A Guarantee You Can't Ignore

Back when we at made our first batch of jerky 15 years ago, it actually turned out ok. But that second batch was a disaster! $38.00 of meat and ¾ of a day down the drain on what turned out to be over-seasoned (this batch was black peppered to death), hard-as-wood, stringy, i-don’t-want-to-eat-this ‘jerky’.

That horrible experience is why we’ve created the compute guide to jerky-making and why we offer such a powerful guarantee.

We're so confident your first batch will be a complete success that we offer an ironclad 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee which includes free return shipping. We know how valuable your time and money are and we stand behind our product. We take tremendous pride in what we have created and we want you to be happy.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose!

"I put a lot of time, money (don't tell my wife) and effort into bagging my
first deer of the season. We BOTH spent a long time butchering it. We wanted to
try making some venison jerky but didn't know where to start.
With all the time and effort we had put in, I wasn't about to
risk wasting any meat from my first deer of the season.

Your book and guarantee gave me the confidence and made it easy. Thanks!"

YES! I Want The Ultimate Jerky Guide!

100%Money Back Guarantee


"Frequently Asked Questions"

What Kind of Meats does your book teach how to make Jerky Out of?

Our guide explains how to safely make jerky out of virtually any animal protein including beef, pork, poultry, wild game and even fruit!

Do I need to buy a food dehydrator?

Nope! Our guide goes throug several techniques that are just as effective using your oven or microwave.

How did you come up with these recipes?

Very Simply- through experience, time and trial and error

What happens if I don't like the product?

You can send it back and we refund you and even pay for return shipping!

Can I send this to a friend as a gift?

Absolutely! Let us know that it is a gift and we can gift-wrap for you for a nominal fee.

Where can I get some of the jerky you make professionally?

Go to! We are running some Great Specials!

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